Die Organisatoren des Sweden Rock Festivals haben den nächsten Schwung Bands verkündet: Ace Frehley, The Darkness, Riot, Gojira, Gloryhammer, Portrait, Scott H Biram und Spike’s Free House (Quireboys-Frontmann Spike mit den Free-Mitglieder Andy Fraser und Simon Kirke).

Nachstehend die Verkündung im Wortlaut:

We are happy to announce another seven acts for this summer’s Sweden Rock Festival.

Ace Frehley is best known as the original solo guitarist in Kiss. These days, his focus is on his solo career and his latest album „Space Invader“ (2014) marked his first Swedish album chart entry as a solo artist. On June 6th he will be back at the Sweden Rock Festival!

The Brits in The Darkness made a big splash with their amazingly energetic performance at the 2012 edition of the Sweden Rock Festival, so we are very happy to have them back. The timing is perfect too, with a new album coming out on May 20th.

Expect some bonecrushingly hard, yet progressive grooves when Gojira roll into Sölvesborg for the first time. These Frenchies rank among the leaders of extreme metal at the moment and should absolutely not be missed if you are into groups like Meshuggah and Tool, or, for that matter, Metallica and Death.

The classic heavy metal band Riot was formed as early as in 1975. Unfortunately, the group’s founder, Mark Reale, died in 2012, but the band has opted to continue under the name Riot V under guidance of bassist Don Van Stavern (who wrote most of the classics „Thundersteel“ and „Privilege of power“) and guitarist Mike Flyntz. We saw the new line-up perform last summer and can assure you that it is absolutely amazing!

The power metal genre has been in a bit of a rut in the last few years, but Gloryhammer is one new band that keeps the fire burning. If you are into dragons, swords, double bass drumming, falsetto vocals and epic choruses, this is definitely the band for you.

Swedish band Portrait count among the spearheads of the new wave of traditional metal. They are strongly influenced by Mercyful Fate and the cover of the super obscure Judas Priest song „Mother Sun“ has been praised by Judas Priest themselves.

If you are following the TV series „Sons of anarchy“, you will already have heard the rare mix of country, hard rock and blues made by „one man band“ Scott H Biram. If not, it is about time you discover his music!

Earlier this week we also announced Spike’s Free House. The Quireboys frontman Spike will bring Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser from Free and a few more guest artists to celebrate Scottish rock legend Frankie Miller. You can also expect some classic Free-songs!

The Sweden Rock Festival is held in Sölvesborg on 3-6 June. A total of around 90 acts will be playing on 5 stages. The three- and four day tickets are available. Information on bands, tickets and more can be found atwww.swedenrock.com.

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