The notion no longer exists, that we’ll be okay in the end of this.
If we don’t stand up and fight for us, then we’ll all be destroyed.
Not today.
(The Cage)

Latex Grenade aus San Diego / Kalifornien haben sich dem Crossover-Punk verschrieben. Vier Alben lang bekannten sie sich eher zur Party-Fraktion des Genres, aber jetzt wird es ernst. Mit dem Video zum Titelsong ihres bis dato aktuellsten Album „The Cage“ (2018) beziehen sie Stellung und fordern das auch von ihrer Hörerschaft. Dazu Bassist Nick Shores:

We are very passionate behind the message of this song and decided the best way to get our message out there was to put together a high energy lyric video, putting a visual to each and every hypocrisy we point out.  Our main premise is that there are billions of people in the world and everyone has a point of view. Many of them differ from each other, but at the end of the day the one thing that we need to agree on is hate will never lead to peace. We must come together and break through this cage.

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