GRAVEYARD mit neuem Musikvideo

Die Schweden von Graveyard haben das offizielle Musikvideo zu „The Apple And The Tree“ veröffentlicht. Der Song stellt die erste Single vom kommenden vierten Album, „Innocence & Decadence“, dar, das am 25. September weltweit über Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht wird.

Die Band dazu: „Somewhere between innocence & decadence is where you will find GRAVEYARD. Hard at work trying to figure out which apples that will fall from what tree. Can you see us? We’re that little hopeless case of a fly in denial – since forever stuck between the piles of shit that your ever repeating life keeps lining up for you.“​

„Innocence & Decadence“ wird in verschiedenen Formaten veröffentlicht (Vinyl look Digipack, Digital Download, Schwarz/Clear/Splatter/Orange/Grün/Bi-Colored Vinyl sowie als T-Shirt/CD-Bundle).

Tracklist „Innocence & Decadence“
1. Magnetic Shunk
2. The Apple And The Tree
3. Exit 97
4. Never Theirs To Sell
5. Can’t Walk Out
6. Too Much Is Not Enough
7. From A Hole In The Wall
8. Cause & Defect
9. Hard-Headed
10. Far Too Close
11. Stay For A Song
12. The Hatch (limited edition digipak bonus track)

„Innocence & Decadence“ wurde gemeinsam mit Janne Hansson (ABBA, THE HIVES, OPETH) und Johan Lindström (TONBRUKET) in den Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, Schweden aufgenommen.

Die Band kommentiert: „Got a new album coming your way in September called „Innocence & Decadence“. It’s gonna be an album filled to the rim with a little bit of this – and for all of those who might wonder or worry – there will be quite a lot of that on it as well. We’ve had a great time recording the album at the „gemytliga“ Atlantis Studios in Stockholm together with Janne Hansson and Johan Lindström. And after kinda being away from our daily routine as a touring band and the thrill of a new album on its way ….. we wanna leave you with. Good to be gone, great to be back and let there be September!“ – Axel, Joakim, Jonathan & Truls aka Graveyard

Den offiziellen Album-Teaser gibt es hier:

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