VIRGIN STEELE ändern Albumtitel

VIRGIN STEELE ändern den Titel des anstehenden Studioalbums in „Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation“.

David DeFeis sagt über das neue Album:

„Our new album which is called „NOCTURNES OF HELLFIRE & DAMNATION“, is not a concept album per se, but there is a through line that connects the tracks. The lyrics essentially deal with relationship issues and by that I mean … the connections between entities … as in all sorts of beings, not only human beings…but also Gods & Goddesses, Spirits, Elements, or whatever, plus various creatures, animal, vegetable and or mineral, but largely the album is about connections between people. People and their belief systems, people and their Gods or Goddesses … people and their life philosophies and also the various substances we invest or inject into our daily or nightly rituals and our worldview, and all the complexities of what drives us, makes us who we are and takes us where we may … or may not be going. To sum it up this album is about … all the various ways in which humans can entangle themselves, or destroy themselves … so the album’s title essentially encompasses what the vibe of the whole Work is about. The title relates to the album in the way that the title „NOBLE SAVAGE“, or „AGE OF CONSENT“, expressed each of those particular Works. The title provides a framework and connective tissue, but each song is really its own thing.

Musically the album is pretty heavy, high energy, often dark, at turns melancholy, and at turns aggressive or angry sounding. It does have that over the top bombastic heaviness that we are about, and the whole Barbaric-Romantic thing that we are known for. The overarching theme that comes to mind when I think about the album or listen to it is passion…raw passion. There are big monolithic riffs, moody chord changes, „classical“ type bits, sort of Bluesy moments….it retains the VIRGIN STEELE signature, but it adds new dimensions to it. In a strange way it „feels“ to me like it could have been the album we might have made to follow up „NOBLE SAVAGE“, had I been able to devote all my energies into the more bombastic or progressive side of my musical nature at that time, rather than trying to appease some of the other „factions“ around me who wanted some kind of a „hit“…whatever that meant at the time. So to conclude … we have infused the recordings with all that we have gone through over these past months, every fiber of our being … and I think this album will be something our Fans will really enjoy!“

Das neue Album erscheint am 19. Juni 2015.

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