CHELSEA WOLFE teilt Video zu ‚Carrion Flowers‘

Nach technisch bedingten Aufschüben hat Chelsea Wolfe nun das Video zu ‚Carrion Flowers‘ geteilt. Von kleineren Teasern auf Facebook und Instagram einmal abgesehen sind es die ersten Bewegtbilder zum neuen Album ‚Abyss‘, das am 07.08.2015 via Sargent House erscheinen wird. Hier kannst Du Dir den Clip ansehen:

Gedreht wurde das schwarz-weiße Wunderwerk sowohl in Kalifornien als auch im Staat New York. Inspiration schöpfte die Künstlerin dabei aus der Austrocknung ganzer Landstriche, die auf die Profitgier von Konzernen zurückzuführen ist.

‚The visuals in the video allude to the drought in California and frustration about corporations being allowed to pump out all the water, destroying environments and communities, just to sell it back‘

, erläutert Chelsea Wolfe.

‚While writing Abyss, I lived near where the water is piped into Los Angeles, but the lakes were dried up and the mountains were burned from fires. During filming we were exploring cracked lake beds and washed out roads – at one point I was laying in the middle of an abandoned canyon road with no chance of a car coming, and it was very surreal and quiet. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them there were vultures circling overhead like I was some exotic roadkill, so we filmed them too.

Wut, Ohnmacht und Selbstzweifel hätten ebenso eine Rolle gespielt, wie Wolfe weiter erklärt:

‚The scribbles and ropes in the video are about my own madness and self-doubt, and costume designer Jenni Hensler made me a human cocoon from this insane fabric – it represents a feeling of claustrophobia, like you just want to scratch your way out of it. And there is anger in this song; it’s got a sense of revenge for anyone who has suffered or died because of injustice.‘

Die ‚Abyss‘-Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:

01 Carrion Flowers
02 Iron Moon
03 Dragged Out
04 Maw
05 Grey Days
06 After the Fall
07 Crazy Love
08 Simple Death
09 Survive
10 Color of Blood
11 The Abyss

Foto: Shaina Hedlund

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