SOUND STORM – Neues Studio-Album angekündigt

Die italienischen Power Metaller von Sound Storm haben via Facebook ein neues Album angekündigt. Hier der Kommentar zum Nachfolger von „Immortalia“:

„We are excited to announce that we are finally nearly to accomplish the making of the new album, coming out later this year!

Currently we are ending with a bang all the pre-productions in our studio, later on we will enter the Sandlane Recording Facilities along with the amazing Joost Van Der Broek (Epica, Ayreon, Mayan, Anneke Van Giesbergen, etc) for starting the production. The new chapter took a long time to see the light for many reasons.

Firstly because of many shadows and lights along our path, lately. Luckily, everything’s been fixed yet.
Then, we surely needed a bit more time to find out a new way to create something new and innovative, something to be proud of.

However here we are, finally stronger and louder than ever: this is something never experienced before by us (and by you, we hope!), that’s not just a – epic, symphonic, experimental and, of course, metal – album, but that’s something more…global!

Keep this in your mind: „Follow the dragonfly to discover a new World…“, and you will experience something new. Does not matter where you will find that, just follow and imagine… More details to come soon, even about the new singer of course!

In the meantime enjoy the amazing new logo and symbol, created by our old good friend Gustavo Sazes. See you in Germany in the upcoming weekend, along with the mighty HAGGARD again!
Sound Storm

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