JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ – Videoveröffentlichung ‚Leave Off / The Cave‘

Nachdem es schon einen Stream gab, gibt es den Song ‚Leave Off / The Cave‘ von José González‚ neuen, am 20.02. erscheinenden Album ‚Vestiges & Claws‘ nun auch in visueller Form. Premiere feierte es vor kurzem beim Intro Magazin:

Zum Video selbst sagt José González:

‚In this song I was playing with thoughts of enlightenment / salvation. How the sense of being right and finding something that feels true can lead to an euphoric and exuberant state of mind.
I invited Sanderson Jones from The Sunday Assembly to imitate one of their gatherings which are open to any non-believer, believer or doubter and their motto is ‘Live better, help often and wonder more’. We filmed the video at a school close to where I grew up in Gothenburg, together with Slynkören, Castlewoods and some of the musicians that are joinig me on tour. It was directed by Mikel Cee Karlsson who’s done my documentary and many of Junip’s and my previous videos. Once again I feel Mikel found a great balance beteween humor, seriousness and awkwardness.‘

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