HAKEN mit erstem Livealbum

Haken sind derzeit im Progmetal DAS große Ding, auf das sich jeder so irgendwie eingen kann. Mit“L-1VE“ veröffentlicht die Band am 22. Juni ihr erstes Livealbum – mitgeschnitten 2017 bei ihrem Gig im Melkweg, Amsterdam.

Die Band erklärt sich:

„The release of official live material is a project that is long overdue and we know our existing fans have been crying out for this for some time now. Whilst we have filmed and recorded many shows in the past we have always felt there were elements of our shows that could be improved ‚visually‘ before we documented and immortalised this for the world to see and that the timing for a live release never felt right for us. This is just our nature as creative people to be so extremely self-critical and constantly strive for perfection. It is largely due to the will of the people that the idea of this project became a reality. Both the band and the label were inundated with emails requesting a live release in some shape or form, and it was actually rather flattering, so giving the people what they wanted just felt like the right thing to do.“

„L-1VE“ erscheint als 2CD/2DVD Digipak-Package & als Download. Die DVD enthält 4 Bonustracks vom ProgPower USA-Festival 2016 mit einem Cameo von Mike Portnoy – am Gong. Dazu gibt’s noch sämtliche offiziellen Videos des „Affinity“-Albums, und sowohl die Haupt-Show als auch das Bonusmaterial wurden in 5.1 Surround gemixt.

Die Tracklist:

In Memoriam
Red Giant
As Death Embraces
Atlas Stone
Cockroach King
The Architect
The Endless Knot


Live 2016:
Falling Back to Earth


Am nächsten Studioalbum sitzt die Band übrgens auch bereits:

„We’re currently getting our teeth stuck into the writing process for Album 5 and great ideas are forming and evolving as we speak. It’s still early days but there is a sense among us that Haken may take a darker path with this one. However, the playing field is still wide open and the direction this record takes could alter at any point. One thing is certain: We will endeavour to stick to our mandate of strong melodies and Killer riffs!“

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