AXEMASTER unterschreiben weltweiten Deal bei PURE STEEL RECORDS

Die aus Ohio stammenden Kult US Metaller Axemaster, welche Freunden des amerikanischen Stahls durch ‚Blessing in the Skies‘ und ‚Death before Dishonor‘ sicherlich wohlbekannt sein dürften, haben einen weltweiten Deal bei Pure Steel unterschrieben. Das neue Album hat den Titel ‚Overture to Madness‘ und wird voraussichtlich im ersten Quartal 2015 erscheinen.

Both the production of and release plans for the new Axemaster album have been long and challenging tasks; but this deal is obviously a HUGE step toward the release of „Overture to Madness“ (a goal that has taken a lot of time and effort). Located in Germany, Pure Steel is a HIGHLY respected company internationally. So with Axemaster’s past accomplishments and fan base, it’s a perfect combination of band and label!

Guitarist Joe Sims said: „We are really proud to be signed with a great company like Pure Steel and be label-mates with classic bands like Omen and Halloween. It’s fitting that the label is from Germany because the fans from that part of the world have always been some of the most loyal supporters of Axemaster! I have always said that our new material really deserves to be released, distributed, and promoted properly by a good company, and it’s great to know that that’s definitely going to happen!!!“

We will surely continue to keep everyone updated on the progress of the album as well as any important band news.

Geoff McGraw – vocals, rhythm guitars
Joe Sims (Dream or Nightmare, ex-Inner Terror, ex-Reign, ex-The Awakening, ex-Latem) – lead guitars
Denny Archer (ex-Reign) – drums
Jim Curtis (ex-Inner Terror) – bass

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