Robin George muss seinen Auftritt beim kommenden Sweden Rock Festival „aus persönlichen Gründen“ absagen. Das haben die Veranstalter bekanntgegeben. Als Ersatz wurden Demon verpflichtet.

Die Presseerklärung:
„Robin George has informed us that he, due to personal reasons, has to cancel his gig at Sweden Rock this summer. Sad of course, but hopefully we can cheer you up by letting you know that the British band Demon will fill this spot. Demon is one of the major cult bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, with several highly appreciated SRF appearances to their name. Albums like „Night of the demon“ (1981), „The unexpected guest“ (1982) and „The plague“ (1983) are bona fide cult classics. Each in its own way – no two Demon albums are alike. They can be rockier, more melodic, heavier or more progressive. Still, the band boasts a quite distinct identity, not least thanks to singer Dave Hill, whose grandiose voice is reminiscent of a certain Ronnie James Dio. „Unbroken“, Demon’s most recent album from 2012, is also an impressive feat of strength.“

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