HER CHARIOT AWAITS – Debütalbum wird am 22. Mai veröffentlicht

Her Chariot Awaits ist die neue Hardrock/Melodic Metal-Band der langjährigen Sirena-Sängerin Ailyn und dem namhaften amerikanischen Gitarristen und Produzenten Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob). Das selbstbetitelte Debüt der Band sollte ursprünglich am 10. April über Frontiers Music Srl veröffentlicht werden, wurde jetzt aber auf den 22. Mai verschoben. 

Ailyn berichtet: “After a two year break from the scene, I am pleased to announce my new collaboration with Mike Orlando on Her Chariot Awaits. I’m very honoured and thankful to be part of it. I’m looking forward to everyone learning about this new adventure, which allowed me to experiment and explore a new side to my singing, working together with a great musician. Her Chariot Awaits is a new step forward in my music career and I can’t wait to share the beginning of this journey with all of you.”

Orlando ergänzt: “It was a pleasure to write and perform an album with a singer like Ailyn with music that is geared more towards the commercial side of rock. Ailyn has a beautiful voice and was great to work with in and out of the studio, as was Jeff Thal on drums! I’m very happy with how the album is coming out. It’s a great collection of hard hitting yet melodic commercial rock tracks, which I hope you will all enjoy.”

Bis dahin kann die Wartezeit mit dem aktuellen Video zu „Dead & Gone“ sowie der Tracklist verkürzt werden.


1. Misery

2. Dead & Gone

3. Screaming Misfire

4. Stolen Heart

5. Constant Craving

6. Say No

7. Line Of Fire

8. Turning The Page

9. Take Me Higher

10. Just Remember

11. Forgive Me Dear

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