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Lapin Helvetti
Lapin Helvetti
Lapin Helvetti

Retrospektiw (3-LP-Boxset)
Retrospektiw (3-LP-Boxset)
(Progressive Rock)

Silent Angel: Fire And Ashes Of Heinrich Böll
Eric Andersen
Silent Angel: Fire And Ashes Of Heinrich Böll

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Unleash The Love
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Der Katalog 3-D (Limitierte CD-Version)
Der Katalog 3-D (Limitierte CD-Version)

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Morbid Angel
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I Knew You When
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The Sin And The Sentence
The Sin And The Sentence

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The Book of Souls: Live Chapter

SOUND STORM - Sänger Philippe D'Orange kehrt zurück

SOUND STORM - Sänger Philippe D'Orange kehrt zurück

Autor: Ingo

Music News

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Gestern kündigten die italienischen Symphonic Metaller Soundstorm auf ihrem Facebook-Profil noch für heute ein Easter Egg an, nun die Überraschung: Ex-Sänger Philippe D'Orange kehrt zurück!

Hier das Statement der Band:

We are really glad to announce that Sound Storm founding member Philippe D' Orange is back to the family! After a serious and difficult moment ruled by personal issues, and a small break due to these duties, the unique and peculiar voice of Sound Storm is back again behind the microphone both in studio and on stage!

Philippe is already working with the band on the forthcoming album (great news will be disclosed in the next few days...) and he will be on stage in the next week yet during the first Dragonfest tour leg!

We wanna really thank Fabio Privitera for his amazing job during the "Symphonic Autumn Blast tour" and the "Symphonic Winter Blast tour", and we wanna wish him all the best for his future and career. We are sure that it will be brilliant as the flawless performances he did with Sound Storm during the last tours.

Sound Storm are definitely ready for a new beginning, we are seriously astonished by the new work and we cannot wait to share it with you out there. The first snippets of this new incredible experience will be unveiled during the next live shows in Bochum, Pratteln and Brescia. This is an extra reason why you cannot miss the Dragonfest tour!

Finally, we also want to thank everyone of you for the best support ever, even in those difficult moment where everyone could feel lost.

We are working hard as never before, and we are confident that something cool is going to happen on our path, as fair reward for our endeavour.

Sincerely yours,
Valerio, Massimiliano, Elena, Rocco, Alessandro and Philippe

Die wiedervereinte Band ist hier zu sehen:

10.4 Dragonfest @ Matrix - Bochum (GER)
11.4 Dragonfest @ Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln - Pratteln (CH)
12.4 Dragonfest @ Circolo Colony - Brescia (IT)
15.5 Dragonfest @ Majestic Music Club, Bratislava (SK)
16.5 Dragonfest @ Nova Chmelnice - Prague (CZE)
17.5 Dragonfest @ Garage Club - Ostrava (CZE)
21.6 Rockshots Metal Fest @ Legend Club - Milan (IT)

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